I am an associate professor at the Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione of the Università di Pisa, Italy. My research is in the area of computer networks, most recently on fast packet processing, packet scheduling, network emulation, disk scheduling. In previous years i did some work on mostly on multicast, erasure coding, and multicast congestion control. Some of this work has been done with colleagues in the RMRG, funded by Cisco and Microsoft Research. More on my research page (or you can look me up on Google Scholar). I have been a visiting scientist at ICSI/UC Berkeley in fall 2000, 2001, 2002, 2013, 2014. In fall 2003 and 2004 I have worked with the Intel Research Lab in Cambridge (UK) on a project for the Continuous Monitoring of IP networks (CoMo). My collaboration with Intel has continued in fall 2010 at the Intel Berkeley research Lab. Recently I have worked in the Onelab, Onelab2 and OpenLab EC projects, extending the emulation features of Planetlab. In another recent project, CHANGE, we have worked on defining a Flow Processing platform for the Internet, and this has resulted in the Netmap framework. Previous projects include E-NEXT and COST 264. I was the General Chair of the Sigcomm 2006 conference in Pisa in September 2006, TPC Co-Chair for Sigcomm 2009 in Barcelona, and CoNEXT 2014 in Sydney, co-editor of a special issue of JSAC on multicast, and co-chair for NGC'99. I have also served as a TPC member for a number of conferences (SIGCOMM, CoNext, EuroSys, NGC, ICNP, Networking, Usenix ATC). Over time, I ended up writing a few pieces of software, related (and sometimes not) to research and teaching, see the entries on the left column for some references. Some of these things (e.g. dummynet andnetmapFreeBSD. Some of my code apparently has also made it into Windows XP (which incidentally is the reason I had to change my email address!). In the past I have also contributed a fair amount of code to an open source PBX called Asterisk.