1994-1999 Study of biochemistry at Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia
1999 Diploma in biochemistry, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia
1999 Award of J. Soros in “International Soros Science Education Program” in recognition and appreciation of outstanding achievements in the study of science on the graduate level”
1999-2001 Research fellow in the National Institute of Genetics, Department of Molecular Genetics, Mishima, Japan
2001-2002 Research fellow in Neurocenter, Laboratory of Neuropharmacology, Freiburg, Germany
2002-2003 Research fellow in the Institute of Cell Biophysics, Laboratory of Transcriptional control, Pushchino, Russia
2003-2006 PhD Thesis: “Use of RNA interference for knockdown of chromosomal translocations in Mixed Lineage Leukemia“,Interfaculty Institute of Cell Biology, Department of Molecular Biology, Tübingen, Germany
2006 Dr. rer. nat (PhD), summa cum laude
2006-2007 Birth of a son and maternity leave
2007 Award of Reinhold und Maria Teufel Stiftung for excellent scientific achievements
2007-2009 PostDoc in Natural and Medical Sciences Institute NMI, Department of Molecular Biology, Reutlingen, Germany
2009-present PostDoc at Dr. Margarete Fischer-Bosch Institute of Clinical Pharmacology, Stuttgart, Germany