Antonio Corradi, born in Baricella (Italy) in 1954, received his Laurea degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Bologna in 1979. His thesis was awarded with the 'Cavalieri del Lavoro' prize in 1980. Afterwards, he obtained the Master of Engineering, Electrical, at the Cornell University in 1981, with a Fulbright-Hayes grant. In March 1983, Antonio has joined the University of Bologna as a Research associate, and, from October 1992, as an Associate Professor of Computer Science in Engineering. His activity has been within the Department of Electrical Engineering, Computer and System Science (DEIS), since DEIS foundation in 1984. In January 2000, Antonio became Full Professor of 'Sistemi di Elaborazione delle Informazioni' (ING-INF/05) within the Engineering Faculty at the University of Bologna. He has served from 2009 as a Vice Chair of his Department, Department of Electrical Engineering, Computer and System Science (DEIS), and is a promoter of a new current reorganization and creation of a new Department, grouping both Computer Engineering and Computer Science people, that is starting organizing in the beginning of 2012, Department of Computing: Science and Engineering (DISI). DISI is a novel and pioneer experience within the University in Italy, with more than 80 people teaching staff. Antonio Corradi has always taught within the general area of Distributed Systems and System Support and Middleware Infrastructures, both with several courses at different levels of Laurea (first three years of Engineering Degree and successive Biennial ‘Specialistica' Degree) and also within Masters with Interdisciplinary Curricula, and also with activity of curricula design and preparation of new courses and contents. He also tutors many students in their final preparation of Thesis work and also coordinate PhD activities in several technical and interdisciplinary areas.