I am the leader of the Terrier Team, where we are developing and evaluating novel large-scale text information retrieval techniques and applications. In recent years, this has encompassed models for Web search - including selective approaches and search results diversification - as well as expert search, blog search, medical records search, and searching of the physical world through sensors. Moreover, we are addressing the infrastructure aspects of Information Retrieval (part of the Big Data theme) including both efficient indexing - through MapReduce - and retrieval, using technologies such as dynamic pruning, and efficiency prediction. We have regularly participated in several and various TREC tracks using our well-known Terrier search engine and technology since 2002 (The latest release is Terrier 3.5). We currently participate in a number of projects, including the SMART FP7 project dedicated to search from social and sensor networks in support of Smart Cities, and the CROSS EPSRC project, dedicated to the real-time first story detection from massive parallel streams. We are part of the Glasgow IR Group.