I am a full professor at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (or 'VU University' as it is supposed to be called in English, nowadays). I moved here after approximately four years at the Universiteit Leiden. Before that I obtained my Ph.D. from the Cambridge University Computer Laboratory, followed by a (very) brief stint at KPN Research (now TNO Telecom). At the VU I am heading a group of people working mostly on System Security (e.g., the Argos, Minemu, and Rosetta projects) and OS design for networking (e.g., the Streamline/FFPF project). In addition, I am involved in the development of the Minix3 Operating System. The work on the Open Kernel Environment (OKE) has now ceased. Thanks to an ERC Starting Grant, I am now able to work on a project on Reverse Engineering of stripped binaries, known as Rosetta. An NWO VICI grant allows me to work on a project to find vulnerabilities in binary software.