Frank C Langbein is a lecturer in computer science and a member of the Geometric Computing and Computer Vision research group at Cardiff University. He received a diploma in mathematics from Stuttgart University in 1998 and a PhD from Cardiff University in 2003. His research interests lie in the areas of geometric, solid and physical modelling, computational geometry, differential geometry and related topics in computer graphics. He has been working on reverse engineering geometric models with a focus on beautification and design intent detection, approximate symmetries and pattern recognition, geometric constraints, mesh processing, curves and surfaces, and point-based modelling. He is interested in applying this in engineering and science, especially in mechanical engineering, quantum and nano technology, and life sciences. He is a member of the American Mathematical Society, the IEEE, the Geometric Modelling Society and the Institute of Visual Computing where he is co-leading the sub-programme on vision-based geometric modelling and the interface with science. His teaching responsibilities include final year BSc graphics and artificial intelligence modules and he was also involved in some public engagement in science events.