I graduated during the summer of 2006 from University of Wisconsin-Madison Computer Science Department and have been with IBM Almaden since then.

Since graduating, I have been interested in emerging data intensive systems such as Hadoop's Map-Reduce, HBase/BigTable, and Facebook's Cassandra that place an emphasis on scalability, fault-tolerance, and ease of administration. Specifically, I've been working on JAQL, a query language designed for JSON data that compiles queries down to a map-reduce based plan. JAQL is an open-source project so I encourage you to try it out and contribute feedback or code. I have also continued work on text indexing in the context of semi-structured data, inspired by my thesis, "Integrating Text Search and Relational Databases: Functionality and Performance". My additional interests include: indexing, query processing, privacy, and visualization systems. Please see below for a list of my publications: